Butterfly World, situated just off the M25 in Hertfordshire, is an exciting new project created by the charismatic butterfly enthusiast Clive Farrell to include nectar rich gardens and stunning wild flower meadows which will provide habitats for many indigenous creatures and attract native butterflies and moths.

The centrepiece, of what is anticipated to be a world class attraction, is the tropical butterfly house, which will be home to 10,000 tropical butterflies, hummingbirds, scorpions and spiders. A living rainforest is being created which, it is anticipated, will be visited by 0.7m to 1m people each year.

To create a glass bio dome of this nature and magnitude (100 metres in diameter and 17 metres high) requires a high standard of engineering and none more so than in the ventilation system. As a prior customer of Bayliss Autovents, Clive approached our company for sponsorship and we were happy to provide Butterfly World with their automatic ventilation requirements for the butterfly house.

The bio dome needs a carefully temperature-controlled environment to allow the butterflies to flourish and Bayliss Autovents was able to blend a special high temperature wax filled power tube, fitted to the Mk 7 autovent, to achieve this.

64 autovents, fitted to the roof and side vents, regulate the opening and closing of the greenhouse windows without needing to use any electricity and ensure that the temperature inside the butterfly house remains at an optimum level for these beautiful creatures.

Butterfly World which will be fully open in May/June 2011, will provide an income stream for its charitable arm, Butterfly World Trust, which will invest in research, conservation and community projects, and Bayliss Autovents is proud to support this endeavour.


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