To be an effective gardener you need a wide variety of equipment from lawn mowers to spades, rakes and even the thing for making holes on the soil to plant your seeds. For serious gardeners the largest and, some would argue, the most important is the greenhouse. A greenhouse can be used for a variety of purposes such as growing exotic plants and vegetables, protecting seedlings or perhaps just finding some peace and quiet. To get the best out of it, one thing that every greenhouse needs, no matter what it is used for, is a constant set temperature and an invaluable aid in achieving this is the automatic greenhouse vent.


The automatic vent, or autovent as it is known, is attached to a window and will open or close it according to the temperature selected by the user. The greenhouse window opener works by using a wax filled tube, and as the wax expands or contracts with the greenhouse temperature, the piston in the autovent opens or closes the window to ensure a consistent temperature, to obtain the best results from your labours.

This system can be used in all greenhouses from small domestic units to a large bio dome measuring over 100 metres in diameter. The great thing about the greenhouse auto vent is not only its simplicity, but also the fact that it uses no external power source in its operation, only solar power, so it is an ideal addition to a “green” house.

Gardeners have enough to worry about and the autovent removes the panic experienced when the sun is out and the hothouse can become a bit too hot! To learn more about the autovent and how it can help you maintain temperature equilibrium in your greenhouse contact Bayliss Autovents the leading company in the greenhouse temperature control field.


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