Whirlow Farm Trust on the outskirts of Sheffield is a charitable enterprise to give children who have no experience of the countryside a taste of life on a farm. It is a working farm with a variety of animals and crops, and as part of its plant cultivation operation has need of a greenhouse, which required some temperature control.

Greenhouse Vent Opener

Keeping a greenhouse cool can be difficult, however, Bayliss greenhouse vent openers are renowned for their efficiency in maintaining an even temperature in a greenhouse. The Bayliss autovent opens and closes the greenhouse window automatically when the temperature inside reaches a pre set level. The unit uses a tube filled with wax which expands and contracts depending on the ambient temperature. This in turn operates a lever to open or close the window, ensuring the correct temperature is maintained.
It was no surprise therefore that when Neville Dearden, who was acting as a consultant on the horticultural project at Whirlow Farm, needed help to control the greenhouse temperature he turned to Bayliss for help.

The Bayliss Greenhouse Vent Opener to the Rescue

After discussing their requirements Bayliss decided that the best greenhouse vent opener to use was the Hydraulicheck unit. Because the position of the greenhouse was quite exposed, the Hydraulicheck unit was chosen specifically because it opens slowly but can shut quickly to avoid a possibility of damage by strong winds, and was developed by Bayliss to counteract these types of conditions. Bayliss supplied 6 Hydraulicheck units for the price of one to Whirlow Farm to help them continue their valuable work.

Bayliss are a leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouse automatic vents, with a range of products to suit all greenhouse configurations and styles. To see why the Bayliss autovent should be your choice of greenhouse vent visit the rest of the Bayliss autovent website or contact us for more details.


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