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Bayliss Down on the Farm


Whirlow Farm Trust on the outskirts of Sheffield is a charitable enterprise to give children who have no experience of the countryside a taste of life on a farm. It is a working farm with a variety of animals and crops, and as part of its plant cultivation operation has need of a greenhouse, which required some temperature control. Greenhouse Vent Opener Keeping a greenhouse cool can be difficult, however, Bayliss greenhouse vent openers are renowned for their efficiency in maintaining an even temperature in a greenhouse. The Bayliss autovent opens and closes the greenhouse window automatically when the temperature inside reaches a pre set level. The unit uses a tube filled with wax which expands and contracts depending on the ambient temperature. This in turn operates a lever to open or close the window, ensuring the correct temperature is maintained. It was no surprise therefore that when Neville Dearden, Read more…