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The XL tube is very easily replaced. The old tube can be removed by taking out the spring clip which is inserted through the tube socket and end of the power tube. The tube can then be taken out of the tube socket, the new tube inserted and the spring clip replaced. The unit can then be fitted on the window again as per the original fitting instructions.

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The XL Tube inserted into the tube socket. The spring pin lies alongside.

MK7 Autovent Power Tube

The XL Power Tube. The piston is threaded on the end.

Alternative Plug Mk7 Autovent

The following spares are also available for the XL unit

XL Clamps 4 off M5 nuts 4 Woodscrews M5 X 12 Pan Head Machine Screws

Shown above are the contents for a standard XL unit.

When refitting the XL autovent to the greenhouse vent, please ensure that the straight links lie parallel to the glass. This is most important as failure to do so invalidates the guarantee.

All XL power tubes are stamped with a date stamp to show date of manufacture.

We recommend the use of metal clamps when fixing the XL unit to an epoxy powder coated or painted greenhouse as the plastic clamps do not grip well on the shiny surface. We can supply metal clamps separately.

Contents of an XL Screw pack required for a Robinsons Greenhouse

Robinsons Block XL Metal Clamp 4 M5 X 12 Pan Head Machine Screws 2 M6 Nuts 2 M6 Sq Hd Bolts 2 M5 Nuts