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The Mk 7 Super tube is approximately 27.5 cms long (11 inches). We also make a special tube for an Amdega conservatory which is a shortened version of the standard Super tube. The Amdega tube measures approximately 22 cms long (9 inches). These tubes are made from a specially extruded aluminium section which is finned on both the inside and outside.

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Mk 7 Super Tube (the Amdega tube looks the same, only shorter!)

MK7 Autovent Power Tube

To illustrate the correct positioning of washers and spacers when replacing the Mk 7 Super Tube. The circlip then fits over the end

Alternative Plug Mk7 Autovent

Make sure that the knurled part of the adjuster is on the inside of the square block i.e. between the square block and the brass gland on the power tube. (see picture below)

When refitting the unit onto the vent, it is most important to remember that the straight links should lie parallel to the glass, even when the window is in the closed position, as per the Mk 7 and the XL. Failure to ensure this invalidates the guarantee.

Mk 7 Super Fitted Correctly

All Mk 7 Super Power Tubes are stamped with a date stamp to show month and year of manufacture.

Mk 7 Super tubes are also available with a higher melting point wax which enables you to set the autovent to start opening the vent at a higher temperature. This is useful if you are growing orchids etc.

Mk 7 Super tubes open the window a maximum of 40 cms (16 inches) and will lift a window weighing up to 32 kgs in total (a load of approx 16 kgs).