What does summer mean to you? It may be perhaps the sound of (hopefully) distant lawnmowers, the sight of butterflies darting in the air or bees, industrious and efficient, or maybe the opportunity to sink a few beers and have a barbecue. Whatever the pleasures a sunny day can provide; for gardeners, however, beautiful weather can have a downside.

For keen gardeners the greenhouse is an important part of their life, whether they use it for bringing on seedlings, growing exotic plants and hot house vegetables and fruits or just getting a bit of peace and quiet, and for all these things temperature is vital. The easiest way to control the temperature in a greenhouse is simply to open or close the window, but this obvious solution can be more difficult than might first appear for the simple reason that no one may be there to do it. The answer to the problem is to fit a greenhouse window opener.

This handy gadget means that you can be absent from your garden confident that all your hard work will not be spoiled by overheating the plants and seedlings you have been nurturing. The greenhouse window opener operates using a piston which is seated in mineral wax within a tube. As the wax expands or contracts due to the heat around it, the piston is moved up or down therefore opening or closing the greenhouse window and maintaining the required temperature. The temperature at which the greenhouse window opener operates can be pre-set to make sure the optimum level is maintained. The good news is that because the greenhouse window opener uses no other heat source than the sun, it is environmentally friendly too.

Greenhouse window openers are simple to install and maintain and can be used for a variety of applications such as conservatories or even chicken hatcheries. To learn more about this incredibly useful temperature control aid contact Bayliss Autovents.


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