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Energy Conservation in the Garden

Jun 20, 2014

With energy issues on the agenda of just about every news bulletin, it is important for all of us to do our bit to conserve as much energy as possible. Along with this new sense of conservation there has been a return to basics and ‘Grow your own’ has become more popular with lots of people who are now investing in greenhouses and cold frames. There is now a product which can help the green fingered to achieve success in their nursery and conserve energy at the same time.


One of the most useful accessories for the greenhouse, helping to conserve energy and not using any itself, is the automatic greenhouse window opener. Using purely solar energy, this appliance regulates the opening and closing of the greenhouse window, making sure your tomatoes don’t get too warm and your plants don’t wilt from heat exhaustion. The autovent uses the warmth of the sun to open the window and then closes it again when it gets cooler and keeps the greenhouse at the best temperature for growing.

There are several types of greenhouse vent opener on the market that either bolt, or clamp, onto the greenhouse window. There are even ones that protect your windows from wind damage when there are gales and strong winds.


If you’re not able to be at home keeping an eye on the thermometer and continually tripping down the garden path to open and close your greenhouse vents, buy one of these greenhouse window openers. No need to worry if there’s a power cut either, as the autovent does not use any electricity.

In fact, fit them and forget them!

For more information on greenhouse window openers, contact bayliss autovents, the leading suppliers of energy conserving ventilation for the green gardener.