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Royal Shrovetide Football Game 2016


Royal Shrovetide Football Game 2016 Everyone in the factory is excited today because of our local traditional street football game. Half the workforce has taken 2 days holiday to go and watch or indeed play! It starts with the painted leather encased cork ball being turned up at 2pm by a local celebrity. Any number of people can play but it can get very rough in the hug so usually only the men play there. The goals are 3 miles apart and the game is played through the streets, river and fishpond. Watched by thousands who follow the hug, the game finishes at 10pm if no ball has been goaled. There are almost no rules (no play is allowed in the churchyard or in private gardens) and we do it all again tomorrow! Our Managing Director Jim Bayliss will be in the hug, pushing hard for the Down’ards!