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Bees Getting Trapped in your Greenhouse?


If you’re a keen gardener, you probably have a lot of bee-friendly plants in your garden so are hopefully seeing a lot of honey bees and bumble bees for example. Bees need people like you, as their numbers are declining for a variety of reasons including, for example, changes in agricultural techniques and the trend towards more hard-landscaping and fewer plants in a lot of gardens. We’ve had a few queries from customers recently about bees getting trapped in their greenhouses. Unfortunately, whilst bees may be attracted in through a small gap, for example when the greenhouse autovent has caused the windows to open in warm weather, they don’t often manage to find their way out the same way. Bees can be useful, for example in pollinating tomatoes, but they usually need help to make their way back to their colony. If left in a greenhouse for too long, they Read more…