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Bayliss Innovation in a Victorian Greenhouse


Lacock Abbey has many claims to fame since being founded as a convent in the 13th Century, with its cloisters being featured in the Harry Potter films and perhaps more significantly as the home of the father of photography, William Fox Talbot. Although Fox Talbot is renowned for invention of the photographic process, he was also an enthusiastic botanist which is reflected in the development of the gardens at Lacock. In common with many historic buildings the abbey and its gardens are now run by the National Trust and the maintenance of such a significant property throws up some interesting challenges. For instance some time ago, Ken Bayliss was approached by the head gardener of Lacock Abbey, to use his experience of greenhouse autovents, to design and manufacture an operating system for a Victorian lean-to greenhouse. The windows in the greenhouse were unusual in that they slid between the glazing Read more…