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Bayliss Autovents have the lowest failure rates in the industry and are manufactured to last. Each autovent is guaranteed for two years against faulty manufacture. Provided the unit has not been tampered with (i.e. the piston pulled out of the tube), damaged by the window being tied shut, damaged by unusually strong high winds or fitted incorrectly, then we will repair it free of charge if it is returned to us.

Our Autovents are not ‘throw away’ items and are designed and tested to last many years. However, each and every part of a Bayliss Autovent can be serviced should the need arise, and we carry spares for all our current units as well as many earlier models.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Here are the answers to the most common questions we are asked.


"No longer do I have to decide whether to leave the ventilators open a little on warm summer nights or if it’s safe to open them on cold autumn mornings before I go to work. It’s all taken care of automatically and with perfect efficiency by a set of Bayliss Autovents."
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Installation Guides. You can download electronic versions of our Installation Guides here.


Autovent Dimensions. Detailed dimensions for Mk7 Autovents


Spares and Servicing. If you have problems with an existing autovent we can provide spares or repairs for the majority of our range.


Identify your Autovent. If you need spares or servicing but you're not sure what model you have, here's how to identify your autovent.


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