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A Customer's Tale

It seems miraculous.  No longer am I awakened by small voices on a summer morning calling ďThe sunís shining, Dad,Ē and go, half-clad, stumbling down the stairs and rush out to open the greenhouse as the temperature touches 80 degrees. (27ļC). No longer do I wonder whether anyone has closed the greenhouse ventilators when hail rattles against my office window or the temperature suddenly drops.  No longer do I have to decide whether to leave the ventilators open a little on warm summer nights or if itís safe to open them on cold autumn mornings before I go to work.  Itís all taken care of automatically and with perfect efficiency by a set of Bayliss Autovents.

There are two basic ranges you can buy, according to the type and weight of ventilator they have to control, and whether you live in a windy area! Each unit has a very simple adjustment that controls the temperature at which they'll begin to open.  You can also set them to open on the sheltered side first.

Fitting is extremely simple and can be done in minutes.  For the Mk 7 range, itís just a matter of marking where the screws are to go and drilling pilot holes for them.  The XL is a clamp on unit, and there is no need for drilling at all!

Each unit is supplied complete with screws, so all you need is a pencil, small drill and a screwdriver Ė or spanner if you're using bolts.

The units are completely self-contained.  No electricity is needed, the power to operate them being supplied by a sealed cylinder filled with a mineral wax that expands as the temperature rises and contracts when it falls again.

After fitting, autovents need no attention apart from having a drop of oil on the moving parts occasionally, and thatís a small price to pay for the convenience they give. For, by taking away the trouble and worry of ventilating your greenhouse, you really can begin to enjoy the opportunities and delights of growing plants under glass.

David Pople, Gardening Writer.

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